Dashboard Intelligence

Dashboard IntelligenceA personalised recruiter dashboard that streamlines the end-to-end recruitment pipeline with a smart interface, providing all essential information pertaining to a specific role profile to create operational efficiency and optimise the delivery on placement targets as well as risk management on existing employees. Mostly to facilitate POPIA Compliance and storage of audit required material for all organisations.

This dashboard manages the recruitment pipeline approved, screened candidates to placement in real-time as well as re-run risk management checks of all employees and includes:

  • The scheduled date of appointment (DOA)
  • Reflects number of vacancies per Job Profile for the assigned recruiter
  • Intelligent proposed number of candidates required for the specified vacancy according
    to the waterfall drop off of risk requirements to meet deadlines
  • Customisable, dual dashboard view based on the business need for sequential or simultaneous verification checks as well as cost management and budget forecasts
  • A full view of prioritised verification checks in required order of sequence with innovative drag and drop functionality for efficient user management
  • Placement countdown to meet required deadline of appointment
  • Real-time pipeline management and notifications to manage productivity
  • Quick access to candidate CRM tool providing access to secure candidate risk profiles
  • Intended development for artificial intelligence that over time provides a more realistic projection in terms of pipeline and drop off ratios per vacancy
  • Automated re-run functionality with real- time dashboard notifications for compliance purposes, specific to business requirements when and if required

Sequential & Simultaneous Verification Checks

Sequential ChecksOur sequencing functionality gives recruiters and HR professionals the ability to prioritise industry-specific verification checks in a preferred order based on vacancy requirements to effectively manage and monitor potential candidate drop offs.

The drag and drop functionality give authorised users the flexibility to change the sequence of defined verification checks at any given time to easily accommodate the specific vacancy or industry requirements in order of priority, creating significant cost-saving and operational efficiency.

For further flexibility, businesses can assign and run a list of verification checks simultaneously, should the sequencing functionality not be required for specific role profile requirements, creating significant timesaving.


Verification Checks, Suppliers & Partnerships

A variety of pre-determined, industry-specific verification checks have been built into the system, but our framework provides the agility for customers to add or customise checks as and when required, providing each client with the flexibility for customisation based on specific industry sector and delivery requirements.

In compliance with NCR, all ITC verification results are deleted within 72 hours. The system will automatically generate a client report with the required results and deliver a notification confirming the deletion of these results within the required timeframe.

Verification checks include but are not limited to:

  • ID Verification - To confirm that the ID number provided does in fact belong to the particular individual.
  • Pre-Credit Check – Provides a yes or no result to confirm if a candidate is listed with the Bureau or not.
  • Credit Check – Full Credit check against Credit Bureau/s.
  • Criminal Verification - Criminal check conducted with a set of biometric or electronic fingerprints.
  • Qualification - South African Tertiary Qualifications are verified via the National Qualifications Register.
  • Matric Verification - South African Matric (Grade 12) Verification with the various Departments of Education.
  • Financial Services - To confirm the DOFA Date (Date of First Appointment); Current FSP Details; Historical FSP Details; Current Product Categories, FAIS and RE Verifications.
  • Fraud Check – Assesses fraudulent listings against the South African Fraud Prevention Services database


This software has been designed to integrate with any Bureau or 3rd party provider providing no competition to existing service providers and even facilitates customised integration through client CRM systems providing a streamlined, one-access, end-to-end HR process. This multiple supplier integration approach allows for a customised selection based on turnaround time, price and credibility.


Our partnership with nation-wide fingerprint service providers delivers an additional efficiency in the recruitment verification process. It not only provides applicants in remote areas the ability to visit a service provider in their vicinity for fingerprints, at no cost to them, but it also provides clients with a COVID-compliant, no contact environment.

Job Specification Integrity

Job Specification IntegrityBased on the NCR compliance requirements for positions that require honesty in dealing with cash and finances, ITC pre-requisite checks are required for the purpose of considering a candidate for this specific employment.

ITC credit verification checks have been included as one of the pre-selected sequential checks within ClicknCheck, providing access to the required consumer credit records.

This process includes the functionality for the attaching of mandatory job specifications to the system, creating a one-stop recruitment environment that can store all relevant information in one place in the instance of auditing purposes.


Effortless Candidate Management

Effortless Candidate ManagementThe candidate management process is one view of risk per candidate for each vacancy considered, including POPI compliant storage of candidate risk profiles.

This view has been designed in line with POPI regulations ensuring that all personal details remain hidden until requested.

For an additional layer of security, back-end audits can be pulled at any given time to identify all the users that have accessed any candidate personal details.

At just a quick glance, authorised users are able to see:

  • Each candidate related to specific vacancies
  • The status of the application, if and when consent has been received
  • Associated attached reports such as risk assessments and attachments including references, onboarding documents, overriding of checks or any relevant documentation needed to approve compliance
  • If there are any candidate duplications
  • The risk status of the candidate—available, in process, clear, placed and failed—creating efficiency to sift through previously successful candidates

Automated Consent

Automated ConsentPrior to ClicknCheck, the candidate consent process has been hugely admin-intensive, manual and time-consuming. This process can often take up to 3 days to complete as recruiters have to factor in travel for the candidates as well as the personal incurred costs to get to the right destination to finalise this process.

With our automated, digital, approved consent process, it creates a professional, time efficient way for candidates to action consent remotely, either by email or SMS across all regulatory industry bodies. This electronic consent generates a consent audit report, documenting time and date of acceptance or withdrawal, ensuring compliance and the mitigation of any legislative risk.

Automated consent from ClicknCheck provides a convenient, cost-and-time-efficient process for both the candidate and the organisation. A manual consent process, all in accordance with regulatory requirements, has also been set in place to provide an alternative for candidates without digital access.


Consolidated Risk Profile Report

Consolidated Risk Profile ReportThe consolidated risk management view provides a single view of the verification checks and their status for each candidate role profile.

In one view you are provided with a summary of all the checks displayed in your prioritised order of sequence and the relevant status outcome of pass/fail, creating efficiency, organisation and convenience in accessing references, onboarding documents, or any relevant documentation needed to approve compliance.

ClicknCheck also provides a sustainable solution providing a database of pre-verified/qualified candidates to cater for attrition, absenteeism or urgent recruitment requirements.

Real-Time Spend Management

Automated ConsentThe billing report functionality serves as a source document for real-time spend management.

By matching outstanding invoices to this report, users can:

  • Effectively manage duplications
  • Measure cost saving per vacancy or business unit
  • Measure spend per recruiter
  • Filter for specific data requirements such as candidate, check type or supplier

This advanced billing report assists in achieving specified budgets through efficiency and provides an alternative method to measure cost savings.


Automated Re-Run of Verification Checks

Automated Re-Run of Verification ChecksThe automated re-run functionality not only allows businesses to efficiently and professionally onboard candidates, but it also helps you monitor the unexpected risk of existing employees.

This re-run feature allows for:

  • A date selection to re-run these checks once the candidate has been placed or the pre-selection with notification to rerun specific checks after 3, 6, 12+ months
  • The ability to select which re-runs would need to be completed
  • Which supplier the re-runs would need to be selected from
  • Continual compliance through real-time dashboard notifications to ensure HR teams are always on top of business risk

Dynamic Process Configuration

Dynamic Process ConfigurationEach business has the ability to customise the rules and permissions across their staff compliment when accessing ClicknCheck.

The adequate management of user access is necessary due to the monetary value associated to running the different risk verification checks.

To ensure effective budget management, authorised employees should be assigned to the loading of job profiles and associated risk checks.

Roles and permissions can be customised by user or client:

  • User customisation manages user access
    by customising the rules and permissions of the system according to specific roles and requirements. Limited, managed user access reduces risk.
  • Client customisation ensures the selected supplier and compliance information is accessible based on specific requirements such as minimum standards and check types.