About Us

ClicknCheck is a software system produced by the overarching entity, ClicknHire (Pty) Ltd, enabling and supporting the HR and recruitment function, by replacing manual risk management processes with intelligent automation.

ClicknHire (Pty) Ltd was established by Christie Liron, recruitment thought leader in the Financial Services and Recruitment sectors, developed on the concept of providing service excellence by transforming deep-seated industry knowledge into an innovative, NCR and POPI compliant, Risk Management Software Solution that truly makes a difference to the human resource and recruitment landscape.

Our vision is to apply honesty and integrity through technology that intelligently manages the risk of the background screening process and risk assessment checks for both candidates and employees, creating operational efficiencies by reducing the complexities of staff pipelines and candidate drop off ratios, which transpire into significant cost savings and depth in the process – all delivered with passion and positivity.




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Our Solutions

ClicknCheck was initially designed for the Financial Services sector but is customisable to any industry looking to streamline the operations of their HR function. It is designed to professionally manage pre-employment or existing workforce checks which include minimum compliance requirements for regulated entities and acts such as FSCA, NCR and POPIA, all within one platform.

A choice between industry- specific sequential verification checks or simultaneous verification checks dependent on the requirements of your recruitment process.
A single software interface that integrates with multiple supplier’s dependent on the requirement of turnaround times and price.
Automated or manual candidate consent including audit reports in alignment with NCR, FSCA and POPIA regulations.
Secure, OTP verification access for all users with strict access control protocols according to NCR and POPIA.
An intelligent dashboard that manages risk all in one view providing employers with the ability to manage their pipeline and risk at any given point in the HR process.
Customised and consolidated profile risk reports to facilitate onboarding and in the event of audits.
Advanced forecasting and reporting functionality with easy access to the customer.
Efficient risk management of ongoing compliance requirements for the rerun of background checks.
Technical support and supplier management across all vendors – allowing you to focus on your core business with advanced automation.
An eco-friendly, paperless environment, replacing back- office administrative processes with automation, digitisation and innovative solutions for the end-to-end process of Risk Management.