Our Checks

A variety of pre-determined, industry-specific background verification checks have been built into our secure web-based portal, saving all the results in one place. We also provide you with the agility to add or customise checks within our system according to the requirements of your recruitment process.

For further flexibility, our sequential or simultaneous functionality gives you the ability to either prioritise your background checks in a preferred order or run a list of verification checks at the same time depending on the requirements of your role profile, delivering efficiency and cost-savings.

All credit check results are deleted within 72 hours, in compliance with NCR, automatically generating a report with the required results and notification confirming the deletion of these results within the required timeframe.

Our current checks include:

ID Verification Check

ID number and candidate match

Pre-Credit & Credit

Listed yes or no result

Full Credit Check

Against a Credit Bureau/s

Criminal Verification & Fraud Check

Criminal check and fraudulent listings with a set of electronic fingerprints with SAPS and SAFPS.

  • Standard Criminal Check – Turnaround time 24 hours – 2 Days
  • Premium Criminal Check – Turnaround time 5 hours
  • Priority Criminal Check – Turnaround time 2 hours

Financial Services

  • DOFA Date (Date of First Appointment)
  • Current FSP Details
  • Historical FSP Details
  • Current Products
  • FAIS
  • RE Verifications

Driver’s License Check

Driver’s License & Professional Drivers Permit

Qualification Check

Verification of South African Tertiary Qualifications via the National Qualifications Register

Matric Verification

South African Grade 12 Verification with the various Provincial Departments of Education

Social Media Check

Screening and Updates